Floral Wallart DIY

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Floral Wallart DIY


With the cold weather approaching, all of us are looking for a way to brighten up our surroundings. These floral letters are creative pieces of wallart and a way to add color to your apartment, bookcase or mantel!


DIY Supplies

First, here are all of the supplies you will need:

Cardboard Letters: $3 per letter

Flowers: $1 per bouquet

Floral Styrofoam: $6 for bulk package

Newspaper: FREE

Scissors/Knife: FREE

cardboard letter

First, you will need to carefully cut the top of the cardboard letters off. You want to cut them so there is a well for you to place the floral styrofoam in. You may have to shape up the edges after you initially cut the top of the letters off.


Cut cardboard letters

Now, start to cut the floral styrofoam to fill the inside of the cardboard letters. If you are using letters with rounded edges like “G”, “R”, or “O”, make sure to fill in all the extra space with small pieces. Don’t worry it won’t look pretty at this point!

floral styrofoam

Cardboard letter with styrofoam

After this step you should cut the flowers and use the wire to secure them in the floral styrofoam. The wire of the flowers should be enough to keep them in place. You may need to experiment with different arrangements, so extra styrofoam is useful.

The total cost of this project is about $5 per letter. That is comparable to similar products you would find at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. These floral letters also make great housewarming gifts!


How To Make Etched Glassware

February 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

I am always trying to find an inexpensive way to turn cheap housewares into something that looks extraordinary. Ethching cream is an easy solution to transform simple and potentially boring glassware into one of a kind pieces.

First these are the supplies you will need to create etched glassware:

Materials necessary for DIY etched glass

Materials necessary for DIY etched glass

  • Glasses: $2.50 (4-pack from Wal-Mart)
  • Tape/Stencil/Stickers: $2.00
  • Paintbrushes: $2.00
  • Etching Creme: $6.63 (inexpensive etching cream)
  • Rubber Gloves: FREE (any type of hand protection will work)
  • Newspaper: FREE

Total: $3.28 per glass

First, make sure the glasses are clean. The etching cream will stick better on clean glasses. Next, place the tape, stickers, or stencils on the glass. Once you have decided where you want the stencil, make sure it is completely secure. (This step is important if you are using a stencil. Tape the stencil down securely so the design is precise.)

Now, with the rubber gloves on, use the paint brush to paint the etching cream on the glass. If you paint a thick layer on the glass it will take longer to dry and you may want to let the glasses dry over night. If you paint a thin layer on the glasses, the cream may completely dry in about 30 minutes.

Glass with etching cream and tape

Glass with etching cream and tape

Let the glasses dry for at least 30 minutes

Let the glasses dry for at least 30 minutes

Once the cream is dry, rinse the glasses with water. Make sure you are wearing rubber gloves while washing the glasses just in case they are still wet. The etching cream can cause burns or skin irritation while it is still wet, so its always better safe than sorry!

Believe it or not, you’re glasses are done. Its as easy as that, you have now turned your $2.50 glasses into one of a kind glassware!

Finished etched glass DIY

Finished etched glass DIY

Etched Glass using three different stencils

Etched Glass using three different stencils

What would you use etching cream on? I plan on trying to etch mason jars or a vase.

If you liked this craft be sure to check out my tutorial on Tinted Mason Jars or Glittered Mason Jars

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