Floral Wallart DIY

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Floral Wallart DIY


With the cold weather approaching, all of us are looking for a way to brighten up our surroundings. These floral letters are creative pieces of wallart and a way to add color to your apartment, bookcase or mantel!


DIY Supplies

First, here are all of the supplies you will need:

Cardboard Letters: $3 per letter

Flowers: $1 per bouquet

Floral Styrofoam: $6 for bulk package

Newspaper: FREE

Scissors/Knife: FREE

cardboard letter

First, you will need to carefully cut the top of the cardboard letters off. You want to cut them so there is a well for you to place the floral styrofoam in. You may have to shape up the edges after you initially cut the top of the letters off.


Cut cardboard letters

Now, start to cut the floral styrofoam to fill the inside of the cardboard letters. If you are using letters with rounded edges like “G”, “R”, or “O”, make sure to fill in all the extra space with small pieces. Don’t worry it won’t look pretty at this point!

floral styrofoam

Cardboard letter with styrofoam

After this step you should cut the flowers and use the wire to secure them in the floral styrofoam. The wire of the flowers should be enough to keep them in place. You may need to experiment with different arrangements, so extra styrofoam is useful.

The total cost of this project is about $5 per letter. That is comparable to similar products you would find at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. These floral letters also make great housewarming gifts!


Sports Team Wall Art

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So after a long hiatus, I have finally had time to refocus back on the the crafty collegiate blog.  I do have to apologize though, the pictures for this first project are less than quality. My camera has been experiencing some technical difficulties and I was forced to use my blackberry (yes, they still exist!) camera, so please bare with me.

Being from Cleveland, it is pretty much a given that my family and I have a love for this city.  My brother specificially has an admiration for Cleveland sports teams. Also, this project couldn’t come at a better time considering the Browns are on a two game winning streak! (yes, in CLE we are happy with a two game winning streak) This first project can be altered to fit almost all sports teams.. so here goes!

CLE Browns

First, the supplies you will need are…

Canvas                              5.00 (7×14 Canvas, two in a pack)

Acrylic Paint                   2.97 (.99 each)

Paint Brushes                 Free

Tape                                   2.00 (any kind of tape works)

Letter Stencils                  3.00

Ruler                                  Free

Newspaper                       Free

Total                                  $10 for each project

Okay, first things first, make sure you have all of your supplies. Then, you have to section off your canvas so your different sections will be symetrical. For the Cleveland Browns design this was pretty simple. It doesn’t matter what size you make each section as long as the corresponding color on the other side is the same size. I used to tape to section off the different section on the canvas, this ensured that I would have straight lines. For the Browns sign I started with the orange first, then white and finally the brown stripes.

Orange Section

TIP! Make sure you allow each section to fully dry before you put tape on them to begin the other sections/stripes. It is also a good idea to wait for the sections to dry before you put another coat of paint on the canvas.

Orange, White, Brown

Before you being stenciling, check to see if your chosen word (Cleveland for my project) will fit on the canvas. Also, it’s okay if your letters overlap a bit. In my  case, Cleveland wouldn’t fit on my canvas without overlapping. Once the sections/stripes are completely dry, tape down the stencils on the canvas to ensure they will not move while you are painting. Just like the tape, keep the stencils on the canvas until the paint is partially dry.

Once the stencils are removed, you may have to touch up some of the letters. I recommend using a small brush for this part.


As you can see from the picture above, I had to make some touch ups with my canvas. If you want the canvas to have a glossy finish, simply paint a coat (or two) of modge podge on top.

This craft is the perfect inexpensive christmas gift for the sports fan of any age! What sports teams would you use for this project?

A Little Bit of Organization

May 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Whether you are going through final exam week or trying to find different ways to organize your office space. This budget friendly craft may be just the right one for you! At school, my folders and notebooks usually end up all over my room  making it difficult to find materials when I was in a rush. This craft is a simple way to organize your things with a personalized touch!

First here are the materials you will need…

Cereal Box                                $FREE

Knife                                          $FREE

Mod Podge                               $10  (Once you buy mod podge it will help with all different types of crafts in the future!)

Scrapbooking Paper               $1-2 a sheet (12×12) You will need two pieces per cereal box.

Ruler                                          $FREE ($1 at the dollar store or Walmart)

Sharpie/Marker                      $1.50

Paint Brush                              $1.00

Now you will have to use the sharpie and the ruler to mark the place where you would like to cut on the cereal box. I found it easiest to use a knife but if you have a box cutter that would work too. Scissors weren’t sharp enough to cut the cardboard evenly! I left about a half an inch from the top and extended that about 5 inches. After I extended the line I drew an angled line down to where I wanted the opening of the file holder to start.

Next, use the same measurements and mark the scrapbooking paper. TIP! Make sure that you leave a little extra (1/2) along the top edges of the paper so it can be wrapped around the cereal box.

Cut the other piece of paper the opposite way. Remember that the pieces will be on the different sides of the cereal box so they match up when they are glued on. Now, use the paint brush to bruch the mod podge onto the cereal box. I recommend working on one side at a time. TIP! Make sure you but a little bit of mod podge on the inside of the cereal box so the extra scrapbook paper has something to glue it down.

After you complete this step your file holders should be completed. If you would like you could paint the inside or line the inside to make it look more presentable. I plan on labeling the back of each of my file holders and have them sit on a shelf so there is no need to make the inside look pretty because no one will see them! You can also mix and match patterns if you make more than one file holder!

The total cost of this project is about $5 but that price can change depending on the materials you already own. Not to bad when file holders are priced anywhere from $10 – $30. You save $5 – $25 by recreating this craft instead of buying it in the store!

What would you use the file holders for? Would you change anything about this craft?

Make sure to keep checking my blog over summer for more updates on budget friendly, crafty collegiate crafts!

Happy Crafting!

American Flag Cutoffs

May 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have recently seen American flag styled shorts all over different blogs as well as Pinterest. The only problem is none of the posts have given good step-by-step instruction on how to to recreate these patriotic shorts. These babies can be worn during a fest, on the Fourth of July or even paired with a basic v-neck tee for a relaxed and casual look!

The first thing you will need for this craft is a pair of cutoff denim shorts. If you do not currently own a pair, refer to my previous post on how to make your own!

Next, here are all the supplies you will need…

Price List:

Denim Shorts:                           $2.99/FREE

Fabric Paint:                              $3.47 (x2)

Scisccors:                                   FREE

Tape:                                           FREE

Paper:                                          FREE

1. Lay down the tape on the denim so that you have (almost) consistent lines. Remember that not everything about this project has to be perfect. I honestly believe that the shorts look a little bit better when they look a little worn.

2. Use the fabric paint as directed by the directions on the bottle. I spread the paint with my finger but if you want  more even coverage I would suggest using a paint brush.

3. Cut out any type of star that you wish. You can put as many stars as you want on the cutoffs, this step is up to your discretion. Once you have cut out the stars, tape them onto the cutoffs. Now paint around the stars just like you did with the tape. I suggest that you do a small amount of paint at first because you can always add more.

Now, this is where I think I went wrong. I let the shorts dry with the paper stars still attached. If I were to make the cutoffs again I would remove the stars after the paint dried for 10 to 20 minutes so I could still touch up the paint surround the area of the star. I still have a little bit of paper attached to my cutoffs and it probably won’t come off until I run them through the wash. The fabric paint I bought said to wait 72 hours until washing. Also, I would use a lighter colored denim jean as well as less paint when recreating this craft.


The total cost of this project was $10– not too bad considering they cost about $50-$100 in stores!

I honestly can’t wait to wear the American flag inspired cutoffs with a gray v-neck in the warm weather! What would you pair with these shorts?

Happy Crafting!

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