Monochromatic Canvas

May 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

Trying to make a space feel more like home? An affordable way of doing this is adding some bright-colored canvases. Not only can you pick the color goes best with your room, you are able to personalize the quotes, lyrics or words that are on the canvas! I got my idea for this (almost) monochromatic canvas on Pinterest. The lyrics are from Mumford and Son’s “Sigh No More.”

First, here are the supplies you will need:

Canvas                                    $9.99  (you can use any size, I chose to use a 16X20 canvas)

Paint                                        $1.00 each ($2.00)

Paint Brush                            $2.00

Wooden Letters                    $3.00 per pack or 30 cents individually (I bought 3 packs and about 6 individual letters)

Tacky Glue                             $3.29  (this bottle will last you a long time, if possible buy the smaller bottle)

TIP! When buying the wood letters, make sure you write out your quote first and see how many of each letter you will need. For a simple word like “LOVE” you could purchase the individual wooden letters. Because my quote was so long, I found it easier to buy three separate backs of wooden letters and a few extra miscellaneous ones.

Now, you will want to lay out the letters on the canvas to make sure you know how they will fit and where you will want them to be placed.

Next, you will want to paint the background of the canvas. While you are waiting for that dry you will want to start painting the letters too. I chose to mix a little bit of white into the orange for the letters to make sure that the orange wouldn’t turn out too dark after being painted on the wood. Use your personal judgement about drying time when it comes to the canvas and the letters. They should both be dry to the touch.

TIP! If using multiple colors, make sure you set the different words/letters a part from the others so you don’t mistakenly paint them the wrong color!

Now, Lay out the letters on the canvas again for spacing. Glue them down one buy one to make sure that you are keeping consistent with the lines and other letters.

Finally, you must be patient and wait for the glue to dry before you can hang the canvas on the wall or place on a mantel.

The total cost of the monochromatic canvas was about $28.08. When compared to a canvas of this size that is sold in stores, you will save about $20-$40!

What kind of quotes or lyrics would you use? Would you make any changes to the letters or the canvas?

Happy Crafting!


Sparkly Mason Jar

May 9, 2012 § 4 Comments

Needless to say, I love trying to come up with different ways to re-invent the use of the Mason Jar. This is my second post about mason jars and I feel that anyone can find a cool place in their dorm or home for this craft.  I have a weird obsession with sparkles and glitter…

The mason jar on the far right is from my DIY post on tinting mason jars. The two on the left are what I’ll be explaining in this post. Some of the different ways you can use mason jars include; flower vase, votive holder, makeup brush holder, pencil/pen holder, container for cosmetic items (cotton balls, Q tips, etc.), keeping change, etc. So first, here are the supplies you will need.

Mason Jar:                   $10-$12 (They usually come in a pack of about 9 or 12)

Mod Podge:                  $10 (Like I always say, invest in this now and it will last forever for so many different crafts!)

Glitter:                          $4.99 (I bought the large size, the smaller one would have been more than enough and it was $2.99)

Paint Brush:                 $1.99

Small Bowls:                $FREE

Tape:                             $FREE

Rubbing Alcohol:      $FREE  (I cleaned the outside of the jar to make sure the glitter stuck well)

Now, put the tape on the mason jar where you do NOT want the glitter. You can get as creative as you want with this step. I only made two of the sparkly mason jars so I made them contrasting.

Next, paint the mod podge on to the parts of the mason jar that is not covered by tape. After that sprinkle the glitter on the mod podge. If you have a large enough bowl, I would reccomend rolling the mason jar in glitter. This would result in even coverage and less mess!

Let the glitter dry a little. I let mine sit for about 10-15 minutes but it depends on how much mod podge you used. Next, apply another coat of mod podge on top of the glitter to ensure that it stays put.

Once again, let the modge podge dry again. The magic of mod podge is that it becomes clear when it is dry. The trick with this project is to take the tape off before the mod podge and glitter are completely dry so that you can still pull it off the mason jar.

After you take the tape off of the mason jar, let them sit until completely dry. Individually these mason jars cost about $2.99 a piece, this cost will change if you already own some of the supplies like mod podge and a paint brush!

How would you use a sparkly mason jar? Would you use a different pattern to apply the glitter?

Happy Crafting!

American Flag Cutoffs

May 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have recently seen American flag styled shorts all over different blogs as well as Pinterest. The only problem is none of the posts have given good step-by-step instruction on how to to recreate these patriotic shorts. These babies can be worn during a fest, on the Fourth of July or even paired with a basic v-neck tee for a relaxed and casual look!

The first thing you will need for this craft is a pair of cutoff denim shorts. If you do not currently own a pair, refer to my previous post on how to make your own!

Next, here are all the supplies you will need…

Price List:

Denim Shorts:                           $2.99/FREE

Fabric Paint:                              $3.47 (x2)

Scisccors:                                   FREE

Tape:                                           FREE

Paper:                                          FREE

1. Lay down the tape on the denim so that you have (almost) consistent lines. Remember that not everything about this project has to be perfect. I honestly believe that the shorts look a little bit better when they look a little worn.

2. Use the fabric paint as directed by the directions on the bottle. I spread the paint with my finger but if you want  more even coverage I would suggest using a paint brush.

3. Cut out any type of star that you wish. You can put as many stars as you want on the cutoffs, this step is up to your discretion. Once you have cut out the stars, tape them onto the cutoffs. Now paint around the stars just like you did with the tape. I suggest that you do a small amount of paint at first because you can always add more.

Now, this is where I think I went wrong. I let the shorts dry with the paper stars still attached. If I were to make the cutoffs again I would remove the stars after the paint dried for 10 to 20 minutes so I could still touch up the paint surround the area of the star. I still have a little bit of paper attached to my cutoffs and it probably won’t come off until I run them through the wash. The fabric paint I bought said to wait 72 hours until washing. Also, I would use a lighter colored denim jean as well as less paint when recreating this craft.


The total cost of this project was $10– not too bad considering they cost about $50-$100 in stores!

I honestly can’t wait to wear the American flag inspired cutoffs with a gray v-neck in the warm weather! What would you pair with these shorts?

Happy Crafting!

Summertime Denim Cutoffs

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

As we all know, the weather outside is starting to warm up (with the exception of the past couple days) and everyone is ready to break out their spring and summer wardrobes. A fashion trend that I have been particularly fond of this season is the denim cutoffs. I also love that people are wearing them high waisted! The only problem  is that the cutoffs I want to buy range from $60-$100 (eek!); there is no way that I can fit that into my college budget. Lucky for you, here are a few tips about turning your old jeans into trendy and fashionable denim cutoffs!

I know that this may seem pretty simple but there are a few extra tips that will keep you from making little mistakes when recreating this craft. (I also know that these jeans look a little dirty, I think the previous owner used them for painting. We will fix that problem in next week’s blog post!)

First, here are the supplies you will need.

Price List:

Old Pair of Denim Jeans                     $FREE or $2.99 at GoodWill

Pencil                                                        $FREE

Scissors                                                    $FREE

First, you will have to try on the pants and mark where you want to cut the jeans. It is always smart to mark them a little bit longer than you want them to be because you can always make them shorter. Once you have them marked, snip a small part of the pants on the inner seam. Now, turn the pants inside out.

Next, you will want to lightly outline where you will cut the jeans based on the small cut you made on the seam. TIP! Have you ever wondered why running shorts make your legs look slightly slimmer? Its because the slight v-cut that the shorts have. By cutting the jeans into a discrete v-shape, the cutoffs will give a slimming effect! Also, if you want cuffed cutoffs, leave about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches at the bottom so they can be folded up later.

Now, fold the pants in half and trace the outline of the cut denim onto the side that has not been cut yet.

Fold Over

At this point you will want to try on the cutoffs to see if you like the way they are cut. If you think they need to be shortened or need to be evened out, make sure you turn them inside out to cut them again.

To give the cutoffs a more authentic feel you may want to fray the bottoms. You can do this with your hands but I found that running a pair of scissors along the bottom and pulling at the denim will help fray the jeans.

Frayed Denim

TIP! Running the denim cutoffs through the wash one time will also help them fray!

After you are happy with the length the fray of the cutoffs you’re done! It is as easy as that and depending on the materials, creating summertime denim cutoffs can be a completely FREE craft!

Check back next Wednesday to see another craft with denim cutoffs! Happy Crafting!

Tinted Mason Jars

April 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

With spring in the air, everyone is starting to go outside and very few of us have a lot of money to spend on fancy votive candle holders or the suprisingly expensive tiki torches.  A “new” favorite craft item for many people is the mason jar. Originally used for canning food, mason jars have become very popular for home decor items. This blog post is to show you how you can change the color of a mason jar with a few simple ingredients and an oven!

First, here are the supplies you will need:

Mason Jar:                         $10-$12 (They are usually only sold in packs)

Food Coloring:                 $3

Mod Podge:                       $10 (Buying a jar will last you a long time and you will be able to use it for many different crafts in the future!)

Small Bowl:                       $FREE

Newspaper/Paper Bag       $FREE

Parchment Paper            $FREE (borrow this from your neighbors or at home!)


First, pour enough Mod Podge in the mason jar to cover the bottom plus a little extra. Next, put the food coloring in a small bowl and add about a tablespoon of water to the mason jar. If you want to make this craft easier you will just use the basic colors that come in the food coloring box; red, blue, green, yellow. Of course I couldn’t take the easy way out so I chose to tint my mason jar purple. Because of this I had to mix red and blue to try and make a purple. The only problem was that I wasn’t really sure of the shade of purple it was until it had baked in the oven! Once you are done mixing your foodcoloring simply pour it into the mason jar with the modpodge.


Now, swirl the mixture around the mason jar until it completely covers the area. I would recommend doing this over a sink or outside in case some of it spills when you are trying to do the lip of the mason jar.


Now you will want to pour out the excess mod podge mixture. Then, let the mason jar dry upside down on newspaper or an old paper shopping bag for about 30 minutes.


Set your oven to about 200 degrees. You will want to line your baking sheet with some parchment paper so that the mod podge does not ruin your pan. Let the mason jar “bake” in the oven turned over for about 15 minutes. Then turn the mason jar upside right for another 15 or 20 minutes. BE CAREFUL when you are touching the mason jar, it will be very warm when you are flipping it over in the oven.



Hopefully you are as happy with your turn out as I was with mine. There are endless ways to use your new tinted mason jar. You can use it for a votive candle holder on a porch, make up brush holder, flower vase, etc. These would make great house warming gifts or a great addition to any room or home!

Individually each mason jar will cost around $2.55 to make!

Happy Crafting!

“You Can Go Your Own Way”

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey Everyone, thanks for coming back or welcome if this is the first time you’re checking out my blog! I first got the idea for this craft from a post on tumblr.

I must say that I don’t think I went about this project in the easiest possible way, but I am very happy with how it turned out. I will also let  you know throughout the post what you can change when you re-create this craft to make it easier! This is a great DIY project for any home, dorm room, or even office. The background image can easily be changed as well as the words that you decide to use!



Okay so here is a list of supplies you will need….

Price List:

Canvas                 $9.99   (You can use any size, I used a 16×20 and it was on sale!)

Paint                     $2.00

Paint Brush         $2.00  (Try to find an old paint brush lying around, check your old craft box from grade school!)

Map                      $FREE  (My map was from AAA and because I’m a member, it was free)

Mod Podge          $10 (This seems expensive but investing in a bottle now will help with endless crafts in the future)

Vinyl Letters       $2.00  (…or just use stencils!)

Paper                    $FREE

Tape                     $FREE (You or a roommate should have tape lying around somewhere!)

Next, you will have to cut the map (or other image) to fit the canvas you have bought. It also helps to make a small cut where the corners are so that the map lays nicely.


After you cut the map to fit the canvas, coat the canvas completely in mod podge. Make sure to cover the sides of the canvas as well! After that, place the map on top of the canvas and press down. Make sure to press out any bubbles that may appear as well as press down the edges of the map. After the map is secured on the canvas, coat with mod podge.


Now this is where you may choose to complete the craft differently. Once the canvas is dry you can begin to stencil on the letters for the quote or word you choose to paint. I did mine a bit differently.

First, I put the letters down on paper to make sure I liked the way they looked. I then began to cut out the letters with an x-acto blade. If you don’t have an x-acto blade, a knife with a sharp tip works just fine.

Next, tape down the edges of the paper on to the DRY canvas. After it is taped down you can begin to paint in the letters! (Make sure that the paper is taped down tight or else the letters may be sloppy.)

I went over my letters a few times to get the color that I wanted over the map. If you want the letters to be more transparent, you may only want to paint them one time. Once the paint is partially dry you can remove the paper. I cleaned a few of my letters up with some water and a Q-tip!

The total cost of this project is $26 to $28. This is pretty inexpensive considering a printed canvas this size in a store can cost $50 and up! Plus, when you make your own canvas, you can decide which images, colors, and quotes to use!

Happy Crafting!

PS. Here’s the link to the tumblr page –

Spring Bracelets!

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I cannot take full creative responsibility for this post. Most of you have probably used Pinterest or maybe you have heard of the website. I found an idea for these bracelets from Pinterest, the problem with the post was that there weren’t really any directions or a price point. These bracelets are great for anytime of year because you can choose to use whatever color of thread and leather that you wish!


First, Here are all of the supplies that you will need:


Price List: Fan Chain Pull – 3ft      $2.97

Thread               8.7 y   $0.39

Nuts                    6        $0.98

Leather Cord     1 pkg   $3.99

Next, measure the leather cord to fit your wrist. Whichever length you choose to make (single/double bracelet) all lengths will need to be doubled so the fan pull chain can lay in the middle. Also, make sure you measure the fan pull chain. The chain should be almost the same length as the leather cord except for about an inch or half an inch on each end.


After that, knot the end of the leather cord to create a loop.


Now, begin to wrap the thread around the end closest to the loop. Make sure to knot the thread twice around the leather cord so it remains in place. This is where it starts to get a little tricky, place the fan pull chain in the middle of the two strands of cord and start to wrap the thread around it. I suggest that you wrap about 3 or 4 times around the fan pull chain at each end. I usually wrap the thread around the chain 2 times after the first few.

Continue this step all the way until the end. Wrap the fan pull chain at the end the same way that you began the bracelet. At this point make sure to knot the thread around the cord once or twice and cut the excess thread.

Finally, pull the cords through the nut and knot the cord after.


To wear the bracelet, just pull the knotted end through the loop!


And its as easy as that! Total cost of this project is about $2.77 for a double strand and $1.38 for a single strand, not too shabby huh?


Happy Crafting!

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