Sports Team Wall Art

December 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

So after a long hiatus, I have finally had time to refocus back on the the crafty collegiate blog.  I do have to apologize though, the pictures for this first project are less than quality. My camera has been experiencing some technical difficulties and I was forced to use my blackberry (yes, they still exist!) camera, so please bare with me.

Being from Cleveland, it is pretty much a given that my family and I have a love for this city.  My brother specificially has an admiration for Cleveland sports teams. Also, this project couldn’t come at a better time considering the Browns are on a two game winning streak! (yes, in CLE we are happy with a two game winning streak) This first project can be altered to fit almost all sports teams.. so here goes!

CLE Browns

First, the supplies you will need are…

Canvas                              5.00 (7×14 Canvas, two in a pack)

Acrylic Paint                   2.97 (.99 each)

Paint Brushes                 Free

Tape                                   2.00 (any kind of tape works)

Letter Stencils                  3.00

Ruler                                  Free

Newspaper                       Free

Total                                  $10 for each project

Okay, first things first, make sure you have all of your supplies. Then, you have to section off your canvas so your different sections will be symetrical. For the Cleveland Browns design this was pretty simple. It doesn’t matter what size you make each section as long as the corresponding color on the other side is the same size. I used to tape to section off the different section on the canvas, this ensured that I would have straight lines. For the Browns sign I started with the orange first, then white and finally the brown stripes.

Orange Section

TIP! Make sure you allow each section to fully dry before you put tape on them to begin the other sections/stripes. It is also a good idea to wait for the sections to dry before you put another coat of paint on the canvas.

Orange, White, Brown

Before you being stenciling, check to see if your chosen word (Cleveland for my project) will fit on the canvas. Also, it’s okay if your letters overlap a bit. In my  case, Cleveland wouldn’t fit on my canvas without overlapping. Once the sections/stripes are completely dry, tape down the stencils on the canvas to ensure they will not move while you are painting. Just like the tape, keep the stencils on the canvas until the paint is partially dry.

Once the stencils are removed, you may have to touch up some of the letters. I recommend using a small brush for this part.


As you can see from the picture above, I had to make some touch ups with my canvas. If you want the canvas to have a glossy finish, simply paint a coat (or two) of modge podge on top.

This craft is the perfect inexpensive christmas gift for the sports fan of any age! What sports teams would you use for this project?


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