Monochromatic Canvas

May 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

Trying to make a space feel more like home? An affordable way of doing this is adding some bright-colored canvases. Not only can you pick the color goes best with your room, you are able to personalize the quotes, lyrics or words that are on the canvas! I got my idea for this (almost) monochromatic canvas on Pinterest. The lyrics are from Mumford and Son’s “Sigh No More.”

First, here are the supplies you will need:

Canvas                                    $9.99  (you can use any size, I chose to use a 16X20 canvas)

Paint                                        $1.00 each ($2.00)

Paint Brush                            $2.00

Wooden Letters                    $3.00 per pack or 30 cents individually (I bought 3 packs and about 6 individual letters)

Tacky Glue                             $3.29  (this bottle will last you a long time, if possible buy the smaller bottle)

TIP! When buying the wood letters, make sure you write out your quote first and see how many of each letter you will need. For a simple word like “LOVE” you could purchase the individual wooden letters. Because my quote was so long, I found it easier to buy three separate backs of wooden letters and a few extra miscellaneous ones.

Now, you will want to lay out the letters on the canvas to make sure you know how they will fit and where you will want them to be placed.

Next, you will want to paint the background of the canvas. While you are waiting for that dry you will want to start painting the letters too. I chose to mix a little bit of white into the orange for the letters to make sure that the orange wouldn’t turn out too dark after being painted on the wood. Use your personal judgement about drying time when it comes to the canvas and the letters. They should both be dry to the touch.

TIP! If using multiple colors, make sure you set the different words/letters a part from the others so you don’t mistakenly paint them the wrong color!

Now, Lay out the letters on the canvas again for spacing. Glue them down one buy one to make sure that you are keeping consistent with the lines and other letters.

Finally, you must be patient and wait for the glue to dry before you can hang the canvas on the wall or place on a mantel.

The total cost of the monochromatic canvas was about $28.08. When compared to a canvas of this size that is sold in stores, you will save about $20-$40!

What kind of quotes or lyrics would you use? Would you make any changes to the letters or the canvas?

Happy Crafting!


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