Sparkly Mason Jar

May 9, 2012 § 4 Comments

Needless to say, I love trying to come up with different ways to re-invent the use of the Mason Jar. This is my second post about mason jars and I feel that anyone can find a cool place in their dorm or home for this craft.  I have a weird obsession with sparkles and glitter…

The mason jar on the far right is from my DIY post on tinting mason jars. The two on the left are what I’ll be explaining in this post. Some of the different ways you can use mason jars include; flower vase, votive holder, makeup brush holder, pencil/pen holder, container for cosmetic items (cotton balls, Q tips, etc.), keeping change, etc. So first, here are the supplies you will need.

Mason Jar:                   $10-$12 (They usually come in a pack of about 9 or 12)

Mod Podge:                  $10 (Like I always say, invest in this now and it will last forever for so many different crafts!)

Glitter:                          $4.99 (I bought the large size, the smaller one would have been more than enough and it was $2.99)

Paint Brush:                 $1.99

Small Bowls:                $FREE

Tape:                             $FREE

Rubbing Alcohol:      $FREE  (I cleaned the outside of the jar to make sure the glitter stuck well)

Now, put the tape on the mason jar where you do NOT want the glitter. You can get as creative as you want with this step. I only made two of the sparkly mason jars so I made them contrasting.

Next, paint the mod podge on to the parts of the mason jar that is not covered by tape. After that sprinkle the glitter on the mod podge. If you have a large enough bowl, I would reccomend rolling the mason jar in glitter. This would result in even coverage and less mess!

Let the glitter dry a little. I let mine sit for about 10-15 minutes but it depends on how much mod podge you used. Next, apply another coat of mod podge on top of the glitter to ensure that it stays put.

Once again, let the modge podge dry again. The magic of mod podge is that it becomes clear when it is dry. The trick with this project is to take the tape off before the mod podge and glitter are completely dry so that you can still pull it off the mason jar.

After you take the tape off of the mason jar, let them sit until completely dry. Individually these mason jars cost about $2.99 a piece, this cost will change if you already own some of the supplies like mod podge and a paint brush!

How would you use a sparkly mason jar? Would you use a different pattern to apply the glitter?

Happy Crafting!


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