Summertime Denim Cutoffs

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

As we all know, the weather outside is starting to warm up (with the exception of the past couple days) and everyone is ready to break out their spring and summer wardrobes. A fashion trend that I have been particularly fond of this season is the denim cutoffs. I also love that people are wearing them high waisted! The only problem  is that the cutoffs I want to buy range from $60-$100 (eek!); there is no way that I can fit that into my college budget. Lucky for you, here are a few tips about turning your old jeans into trendy and fashionable denim cutoffs!

I know that this may seem pretty simple but there are a few extra tips that will keep you from making little mistakes when recreating this craft. (I also know that these jeans look a little dirty, I think the previous owner used them for painting. We will fix that problem in next week’s blog post!)

First, here are the supplies you will need.

Price List:

Old Pair of Denim Jeans                     $FREE or $2.99 at GoodWill

Pencil                                                        $FREE

Scissors                                                    $FREE

First, you will have to try on the pants and mark where you want to cut the jeans. It is always smart to mark them a little bit longer than you want them to be because you can always make them shorter. Once you have them marked, snip a small part of the pants on the inner seam. Now, turn the pants inside out.

Next, you will want to lightly outline where you will cut the jeans based on the small cut you made on the seam. TIP! Have you ever wondered why running shorts make your legs look slightly slimmer? Its because the slight v-cut that the shorts have. By cutting the jeans into a discrete v-shape, the cutoffs will give a slimming effect! Also, if you want cuffed cutoffs, leave about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches at the bottom so they can be folded up later.

Now, fold the pants in half and trace the outline of the cut denim onto the side that has not been cut yet.

Fold Over

At this point you will want to try on the cutoffs to see if you like the way they are cut. If you think they need to be shortened or need to be evened out, make sure you turn them inside out to cut them again.

To give the cutoffs a more authentic feel you may want to fray the bottoms. You can do this with your hands but I found that running a pair of scissors along the bottom and pulling at the denim will help fray the jeans.

Frayed Denim

TIP! Running the denim cutoffs through the wash one time will also help them fray!

After you are happy with the length the fray of the cutoffs you’re done! It is as easy as that and depending on the materials, creating summertime denim cutoffs can be a completely FREE craft!

Check back next Wednesday to see another craft with denim cutoffs! Happy Crafting!


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