“You Can Go Your Own Way”

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey Everyone, thanks for coming back or welcome if this is the first time you’re checking out my blog! I first got the idea for this craft from a post on tumblr.

I must say that I don’t think I went about this project in the easiest possible way, but I am very happy with how it turned out. I will also let  you know throughout the post what you can change when you re-create this craft to make it easier! This is a great DIY project for any home, dorm room, or even office. The background image can easily be changed as well as the words that you decide to use!



Okay so here is a list of supplies you will need….

Price List:

Canvas                 $9.99   (You can use any size, I used a 16×20 and it was on sale!)

Paint                     $2.00

Paint Brush         $2.00  (Try to find an old paint brush lying around, check your old craft box from grade school!)

Map                      $FREE  (My map was from AAA and because I’m a member, it was free)

Mod Podge          $10 (This seems expensive but investing in a bottle now will help with endless crafts in the future)

Vinyl Letters       $2.00  (…or just use stencils!)

Paper                    $FREE

Tape                     $FREE (You or a roommate should have tape lying around somewhere!)

Next, you will have to cut the map (or other image) to fit the canvas you have bought. It also helps to make a small cut where the corners are so that the map lays nicely.


After you cut the map to fit the canvas, coat the canvas completely in mod podge. Make sure to cover the sides of the canvas as well! After that, place the map on top of the canvas and press down. Make sure to press out any bubbles that may appear as well as press down the edges of the map. After the map is secured on the canvas, coat with mod podge.


Now this is where you may choose to complete the craft differently. Once the canvas is dry you can begin to stencil on the letters for the quote or word you choose to paint. I did mine a bit differently.

First, I put the letters down on paper to make sure I liked the way they looked. I then began to cut out the letters with an x-acto blade. If you don’t have an x-acto blade, a knife with a sharp tip works just fine.

Next, tape down the edges of the paper on to the DRY canvas. After it is taped down you can begin to paint in the letters! (Make sure that the paper is taped down tight or else the letters may be sloppy.)

I went over my letters a few times to get the color that I wanted over the map. If you want the letters to be more transparent, you may only want to paint them one time. Once the paint is partially dry you can remove the paper. I cleaned a few of my letters up with some water and a Q-tip!

The total cost of this project is $26 to $28. This is pretty inexpensive considering a printed canvas this size in a store can cost $50 and up! Plus, when you make your own canvas, you can decide which images, colors, and quotes to use!

Happy Crafting!

PS. Here’s the link to the tumblr page – http://iamblessed.tumblr.com/post/5136941881


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