Spring Bracelets!

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I cannot take full creative responsibility for this post. Most of you have probably used Pinterest or maybe you have heard of the website. I found an idea for these bracelets from Pinterest, the problem with the post was that there weren’t really any directions or a price point. These bracelets are great for anytime of year because you can choose to use whatever color of thread and leather that you wish!


First, Here are all of the supplies that you will need:


Price List: Fan Chain Pull – 3ft      $2.97

Thread               8.7 y   $0.39

Nuts                    6        $0.98

Leather Cord     1 pkg   $3.99

Next, measure the leather cord to fit your wrist. Whichever length you choose to make (single/double bracelet) all lengths will need to be doubled so the fan pull chain can lay in the middle. Also, make sure you measure the fan pull chain. The chain should be almost the same length as the leather cord except for about an inch or half an inch on each end.


After that, knot the end of the leather cord to create a loop.


Now, begin to wrap the thread around the end closest to the loop. Make sure to knot the thread twice around the leather cord so it remains in place. This is where it starts to get a little tricky, place the fan pull chain in the middle of the two strands of cord and start to wrap the thread around it. I suggest that you wrap about 3 or 4 times around the fan pull chain at each end. I usually wrap the thread around the chain 2 times after the first few.

Continue this step all the way until the end. Wrap the fan pull chain at the end the same way that you began the bracelet. At this point make sure to knot the thread around the cord once or twice and cut the excess thread.

Finally, pull the cords through the nut and knot the cord after.


To wear the bracelet, just pull the knotted end through the loop!


And its as easy as that! Total cost of this project is about $2.77 for a double strand and $1.38 for a single strand, not too shabby huh?


Happy Crafting!


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